August 2017 Volunteer Workday at Del Rio Woods

Heavy lift

DRW Cleanup1

John Ryan weed eating

DRW Cleanup2

Picnic area after

DRW Cleanup3

Pile behind truck

DRW Cleanup4

2017 FMA Rallies to Save Fitch Mountain Top

The City of Healdsburg issued a Draft Fitch Mountain Park and Open Space Preserve Management Plan in November 2016. The planned improvements for the lower Villa Chanticleer parking lot were good. But, the city also proposed the creation of a designated 0.7-acre Park Improvement Area #2 (PIA2) on the summit, for up to 150 people, with weddings, personal celebrations, fundraisings, special events, group camping, etc., by special permit.

The FMA adamantly opposed the designation & creation of a Park Improvement Area #2 anywhere in the Preserve. On January 24, a public Open House was held at the Community Center; over 150 people attended.

After getting the feedback from this meeting, the plan was heavily revised. Park Improvement Area 2 (PAI2) was completely removed. The revised plan was approved by the Parks and Recreation Committe at their February 8th meeting and thus became their recommendation to the City Council. The council approved the plan at their March 6th meeting.

Community speaks their minds
Park Improvement Area 2 dissed

2014 Fitch Mtn. Road Vegetation Management

All of us on the mountain have experienced the hazards that “encroaching vegetation” are causing on North & South Fitch Mountain Roads. Cars doors are being scratched; side-mirrors destroyed; trucks are knocking down long-hanging branches onto our cars; joggers, walkers, cyclists, and dogs scared to death; cars and trucks swerving into your lane… “It’s a jungle out there” and it’s closing in fast!

 But, no, the County doesn’t have the budget to do any trimming, so the Fitch Mountain Association is teaming up with FireFreeFitch, we’re rolling up our sleeves, grabbing our tools, and DOING THE JOB OURSELVES!

 Actually, the County is giving us a permit and a lot of help and encouragement, safety equipment, dumpsters, etc., so kudos to them.

So, we need A LOT OF ARMS, and legs, etc., for all kinds of jobs “on the line.”

REALLY this means you. If you haven’t not been able to participate in FMA projects in the past, this is your chance, because we need a big crew.


There were 27 people who worked either Saturday or Sunday and some who worked BOTH days. We cleaned up 50 cubic YARDS of debris without incident (complaint), accident, or minor injury. You donated your time, your own tools and worked with zeal.


Cleanup and painting of wall at Spring St.
WhitewashingRoad work


Clean-up and painting of Village Chanticleer picnic area
painting tablesProud Worker