Roads Committee

Tracy Logan
Al Pucci
Pat Abercrombie

The Fitch Mountain Roads Committee meets quarterly with the Deputy Director of Transportation and Public Works in charge of roads. As of Spring 2021 there are three main projects in various stages of design, bidding and construction:

  1. South Fitch Mountain Rd. culvert repair and road resurfacing project:
    1. Bidding is open. Closes at end of March 2021.
    2. Board of Supervisors will approve award at late May meeting.
    3. Schedule: Still on schedule for November 2021 completion
  2. Status of Slump & Slide projects
    1. Working to complete all environmental reviews.
    2. Right of Way (ROW) acquisition will begin as soon as this is complete.
    3. Schedule: these projects have slipped a bit more and look to start in early 2022 now.
  3. Status of North Fitch Mountain Rd. culvert repair and road resurfacing
    1. Still dependent upon completion of Slump & Slide so the road does not have to be resurfaced twice.
    2. Schedule: this project will slip until late 2022 due to slip in predecessor projects.