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Road Safety Committee

Tracy Logan, Co-Chair 707.481.6428
Gerda Engelbart, Co-Chair
Al Pucci, Member at Large

Safety first!
Be well-researched, well-presented, comprehensive, long-term, and respectfully persistent.

Our concern is SAFETY as it pertains to what is on the road, bordering the road and over the road as well as pertinent related issues that residents want us to address.  Could also be law enforcement of traffic rules as well as signage and traffic calming measures.

April Report

FMA Road Safety Committee Recap for Trustees & Officer Meeting 4.8.18

Information Sheets on Road Safety Topics

What are the rules? Who do I call?
Where can visitors park legally?

Road Vision Committee

Dave Henderson, Committee Chair

Dave has been trying to set up a meeting with John McCarthy of TPW to discuss issues concerning The Slump on North Fitch Mountain Road; it is estimated it will cost the county $2M to carry out a restructuring of that section of roadway.