Upcoming Events for FMA

Updated June 4, 2022

June 21 (Tuesday) First Fitch Mountain Townhall on Zoom, 5:30-6:30pm

The Townhall will be a mix of looking around the “room” at who’s there, looking back at what we’ve all achieved over the past year and what we plan to work on in the next, introductions of the people running for office and open discussion about whatever you want to talk about (except, of course, politics and religion). This year you will be electing two Trustees plus the Secretary and the President; this will be a chance to meet who’s running and ask them questions before you cast your votes over the following two weeks or so.

July 10 (Sunday) Annual Meeting and Potluck at the Villa

The in-person (hurray!) meeting at the Villa Chanticleer picnic area has a gathering time of 1:00. (Please let me know at ellensilge@yahoo.com or 707 431-0814 if you can come at 12:00 to help set up!) The picnic will begin at 1:30, and the official meet- ing gets underway at 2:15. (Enticing program details will be sent out soon, as well as some way to give us an idea of how many people to expect.)

Please bring some food to share according to the first letter of your surname:

  • A – I, dessert or fruit
  • J – R, picnic main dish (sandwiches?)
  • S – Z, salad or side dish
The FMA will be providing a variety of canned sodas and sparkling waters. You may bring your own beverage if you prefer, but remember that this is a no-alcohol venue.

The FMA will provide paper plates and cups and the green-bin bags they can be composted in. You are welcome to bring more substantial take-home plates, etc., if you prefer, but please, no non-recyclable throw-aways. We have 80 sets of “silverware,” so don’t worry about flatware.