Upcoming Events for FMA

Updated November 8, 2019

November 13 (Wednesday) Kincade Fire Debrief at Villa Chanticleer at 6:00pm

We'll start with a potluck meal, hear a brief description from our fire and law enforcement officials about how the Kincade event and the evacuation played out, and, then, all of us will put our heads together and brainstorm lessons learned. Things that worked. Things that could have gone better. What we would like to see the next time something like this happens. Things we can do as residents. Things we'd like to see others do.

So that we have some idea how many people are coming and so that we don't have 25 dishes of au gratin potatoes, please go here to RSVP. Click on the "What to Bring" button first and sign up for your potluck course, then RSVP for the number of people that'll be coming with you to the event. If you RSVP first, it's harder to go back to the invitation and add your potluck choice. We're not allowed to have alcohol in the Villa Annex, so please bring some other favorite beverage. The Fitch Mountain Association will have coffee and tea. There's also a link in the invitation to donate to the Geyserville Volunteer Firefighters Association. They financially support the N Sonoma County COPE groups and are a good choice if you're looking for a way to help fire prevention and emergency preparedness work.

There're plenty of other things you should know about that are coming up but I want to focus on this one, right now. Please plan to come to this meeting. Fire Chief Boaz, Fire Marshal Collister, Battalion Chief Turbeville, and a host of other people who were directly involved in this recent event are going to be there. You should hear from them; they should hear from you. You know, while it's fresh in your mind.