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Who can be a member:

  • Anyone -- whether or not you live or spend time in the Fitch Mountain area.
  • Most members are property owners in the Fitch Mountain area, but we highly encourage membership by people who rent, recreate, or who are just interested in matters pertaining to the incorporated areas of Fitch Mountain, Healdsburg, CA

Why become a member:

  • Join the FMA listserv and receive e-blasts and newsletters with pertinent information about the Fitch mountain area.
  • Support FMA as a voice to communicate to the County on various matters that pertain to the unincorporated areas of Fitch Mountain.
  • Vote on issues and elect FMA Officers and Trustees at the annual membership meeting.

What members do:

  • Attend the annual membership meeting and other informational workshops organized by FMA
  • Keep informed about topics relevant to the mountain
  • Participate in community service projects organized by FMA
  • Get to know neighbors through FMA meetings, workshops and social events
  • Get involved in the organization