Fire Prevention

Fitch Mountain is a Very High Fire Hazard Zone.

1. What can I do to help mitigate the fire hazard around my home?

2. Who should I call if I notice a fire, fire hazard, possible damage to overhead power lines?

Call 911 first . . . however, note that:

The regional 911 dispatching office is located in Vallejo. There are two problems that sometimes arise. First, you may wait, or be put on hold, because of high volume of calls. Second, if you are using a cell phone, the system may not be able to tell where you are calling from, and considerable time may be taken by the operator in understanding where you are. 

In these cases, call the Healdsburg Fire Department directly: 576-1371.

3. Why do I pay a Fire Safety Fee?

ABX 129 was passed in the 2011 Legislative session and signed into law by Governor Brown. The purpose, simply stated, is to collect fees for fire prevention services in the affected areas.

Fitch mountain residents qualify for a $35.00 partial refund to the $150.00 California Fire Prevention Fee.

4. What is the fire fuels abatement ordinance?

In March 2016 an ordinance requiring the abatement of hazardous vegetation and combustible material was adopted by the Count of Sonoma. Fire and Emergency Services staff will be inspecting properties and enforcing the ordinance. Fitch Mountain is a targeted area because of the high risk for fire in the area.

Starting in late June 2017, the County and CalFire will begin the inspection of both vacant and structured lots. Current owners of these properties have been notified about the inspections an dpossible second and third follow-up inspection, if needed. The inspection process will be completed by the end of September.

As of now, the County has not funded for enforcement or clean up of properties not in compliance. Many of the owners of vacant properties have asked to transfer the land to the County; the County has refused these offers. Next year, it is expected that there will be additional funds (amount?) to continue this pilot program of property inspections and enforcement. This fall, colleced data regarding inspections will allow the FMA to discuss the effectiveness of this season's program with the fire agencies and with Supervisor Gore.

5. Do I need a new address sign?

FMA manages a program to subsidize the cost of a reflective address sign on your property.

They developed this program because firefighters are regularly unable to locate properties in response to emergencies.